The President of the PTSO presides over all Executive Board and General Membership meetings, discussions and votes. The President acts as the liaison between the PTSO and school leadership.  The President establishes the meeting dates and agendas.  The President serves as an ex officio member of all committees and coordinates the work of all of the officers and committees so that the purpose of the PTSO is served.


The President-Elect assists the President as needed or requested and coordinates activities of any Special Committees created by the Board.  The President-Elect assists in recruiting for board positions and committee chairpersons as needed.  The President-Elect will assume responsibilities of the President in his/her absence and will assume the President role when the current President steps down.


The Secretary maintains all non-financial records, publishes meeting notices and agendas, takes and publishes meeting minutes, and manages the PTSO email account (monitoring, responding to and/or forwarding emails to other board members for response).


The Treasurer receives all funds (cash, check, credit cards, PayPal and stock donations) of the PTSO, maintains accurate electronic records of receipts and expenditures, and pays out funds in accordance with the approval of the Executive Board. They present a financial statement at every meeting and when requested by the Executive Board, prepare a full report at the end of the year, including budget forecast and actual expenditures. The Treasurer also submits a comprehensive, annual report to the RTHS accountant.

VP of Communications

The Vice President of Communications manages the PTSO website, ParentSquare & Facebook communications, and any special communications that may be needed.  They manage the PTSO calendar and sets up any virtual meetings or dial-ins that may be requested.
Note: The RTHS Parents Facebook Group is not owned by the PTSO

VP of Events & Programs

The Vice President of Events and Programs manages the events and programs led by the PTSO. This may include but is not limited to school-wide events, quarterly food truck rodeos, principal’s coffees. Staff and student appreciation are subcommittees managed by Events and Programs.

VP of Membership & Auditing

The Vice President of Membership and Auditing handles membership drives throughout the year including new student open houses, meet the teacher nights and other school-wide events. They maintain accurate membership rolls, including basic demographic information (name, student, etc.), contact information (email and phone number) and membership level.  They coordinate with the Treasurer to transfer any collected membership dues. They have responsibility for selling magnets and t-shirts during membership drives and transmitting payment for these items to the Treasurer for deposit. Auditing responsibilities include overseeing and auditing PTSO financial records and reports, annually at a minimum, more frequently if requested by the President.

VP of Ways & Means (aka Fundraising)

The Vice President of Ways and Means manages the fundraising efforts spearheaded by the PTSO.  This may include but is not limited to Duke Concessions, the Lunch Program, passive fundraising, any targeted fundraising efforts run during special events, such as the spring carnival. Subcommittee chairs can be recruited to manage any of these programs and will be needed to assist with the large programs, particularly Duke Concessions and the Lunch Program.

VP of Building & Grounds

The Vice President of Building and Grounds coordinates with the school administration for projects surrounding beautification, painting, repairs, and furniture. Coordinating efforts to line up volunteers and supplies.