Virtual Open PTSO Meeting, March 9, 2021, 6:30 pm-Minutes


PTSO Board Members:
Nocha Van Thielen- President-Present
Suzanne Lewis, President-Elect
Luana Deans – VP of Membership
Julie Walker – Secretary & VP of Communication (intern)-Present
Mellissa Ubbens – Co-Treasurer-Present
Herb Ubbens – Co-Treasurer
Jen Gubernath – VP of Communication-Present
Sarah Hanawald- VP of Fundraising-Present
Leigh McKay- VP of Events & Programs & PTSO Rep to Student Council-Present
Lucy McKay – Co-Student Council Representative-Present
Anton Mathew – Co-Student Council Representative-Present
Nan Danehower – Administration Rep-Present
Holly Bodner – Chair of Swag Committee-Present

Attendees Present: Suzie Post-Rust, Karen Elrod Southern


  1. Meeting called to order at 6:36 pm
  2. Quorum established with at least 10 PTSO members present
  3. 2/9/21 open PTSO meeting minutes approved
    1. Reminder that approved meeting minutes are posted on ptso website
  4.  Elections for next school year
    1. Elections will take place during May meeting (most likely virtual)
    2. Information will be posted on Parent Square, Facebook, PTSO website
    3. Position descriptions will be added to PTSO website
    4. One year term for all positions
      1.  President
      2.  President-Elect
      3.  Secretary
      4.  Treasurer
      5.  VP of Membership
      6.  VP of Communication
      7.  VP of Fundraising
      8.  VP of Events & Programs
      9.  VP of Building and Grounds-NEW Position
      10.  Note: Student and admin reps appointed, not elected
  5.  Administrative update-Nan
    1. Site upgrades
      1. Landscaping projects
        >Phase 1 (start March 28-April 3 and end by graduation)-edible garden space, permeable surface, raised beds
        >Outside classroom with amphitheater seating
        >Possible addition of practice field
      2. Interior (starts March 28-April 3 and end by when school starts)-begins downstairs
        >Library shelves, gallery cubbies, kitchen cabinets, counters – Will ask for PTSO and parent help with above
        >Painting and carpeting during summer
        >Bee club (outside hives with viewing area from indoors)
    2. Return to school
      1. Governor mandated plan for return to school under Plan B
      2. Waiting on feedback from parent surveys
        >Survey was guided to give the realistic picture of what in person learning would look like.
      3. Maximum of ⅓ of students on campus at one time
      4. Question about what the school day would look like
        – Admin is still working on this
      5. Question about creative options for in person learning (i.e. labs)
        – Admin is looking at these types of options
      6. Question about summer school
        – Admin is looking into this option and decision should be made in April
      7. There are places currently built into the schedule to address various learning options
        – Two positions created to provide additional support for Math and English
      8. Moving more towards competency and mastery based learning
        – Could potentially finish a class in less than a year
      9. Question as to how to keep students who stay home not totally asynchronous
        – RTHS will not do this and will provide live learning for at home students
  6. Student Reps update-Lucy and Anton
    1. Varied responses from students regarding return to school
    2. Hoodie created for seniors (student design & Grade level money has been pooled to fund this gift for seniors)
    3. Planning comedian for students
  7. Swag Update-Holly
    1. Will email families who still have orders at school and if they are not picked up, they will become a donation to the PTSO
    2. Possible new items for spring sale
      >Have some merchandise in stock
      >Plan for second or third week in April
      >Try to include new accepted families in spring sale
    3. Consider continuing providing merchandise for incoming students
  8. Financial update (see below)-Melissa and Herb
    – No real changes in last couple of months
    – Income from memberships and merchandise sales
    – Major expenditure will go back into school for improvement plan
    – Two approved grants have not been spent
  9. Events Update-Leigh
    1. Raptor Refresh, limited to 35 spots if working indoors
      * 3/20/21-plan to get ready for improvement projects
      * 4/24/21-mulch
      * Parents and students can sign up to help with future events
      * Plan on one event each month
      * Sign up genius link will be sent out
  10. Fundraising update
    – Looking at some options for end of year fundraising
  11. Other business
  12. Adjourn at 7:26 pm



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