Virtual Open PTSO Meeting, January 12, 2021, 6:30 pm

Website: (link also found on RTHS website)

PTSO Board Members:
– Nocha Van Thielen- President-Present
– Suzanne Lewis, President-Elect
– Luana Deans – VP of Membership
– Julie Walker – Secretary & VP of Communication (intern)-Present
– Mellissa Ubbens – Co-Treasurer-Present
– Herb Ubbens – Co-Treasurer-Present
– Jen Gubernath – VP of Communication-Present
– Sarah Hanawald- VP of Fundraising-Present
– Leigh McKay- VP of Events & Programs & PTSO Representative to Student Council-Present
– Lucy McKay – Co-Student Council Representative-Present
– Anton Mathew – Co-Student Council Representative-Present
– Nan Danehower – Administration Rep
– Holly Bodner – Chair of Swag Committee-Present

PTSO Attendees Present: K. Southern, K. Taylor, N. Allan

1. Meeting called to order at 6:35 pm
2. Quorum established with at least 10 PTSO members
3. 9/1/20 and 11/10/20 meeting minutes seconded, unanimously approved

a. Minutes now on PTSO website

4. Financial update-Melissa and Herb (see bottom of minutes)
5. Student Representatives’ update

a. Can reduce budget allotment
b. Did a project to collect words from students to send to teachers/staff
c. Grade level money set aside in budget; not sure it will be spent this year
d. Raptor refresh-pick up trash, gardening in March
–  Student and parent involvement
–  Allows student service hours

6. Membership update-tabled
7. Membership is open all year and a great way to support your PTSO

a. Swag sale update
b. Biggest sellers for merchandise were the two student designed items
c. Ideas from student council about new merchandise for next sale
d. Nocha asked Lucy and Anton how the incoming students liked the quarantine shirt

8. Recruitment for PTSO openings

a. Building and Grounds chair and committee members
–  Consider beginning cleanup of inside building with safety measures in place
b. Other committees who could use new members
–  Swag, Staff Appreciation

9. Other business

a. Staff gifts given with funding help with PTSO
b. Student designed shirt

10. Adjournment at 7:03 pm

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