Virtual Open PTSO Meeting, November 10, 2020 @6:30pm- 7:30pm-To Approve

Website: (link also found on RTHS website)


PTSO Board Members:

– Nocha Van Thielen- President-Present

– Suzanne Lewis, President-Elect-Present

– Luana Deans – VP of Membership

– Julie Walker – Secretary & VP of Communication (intern)-Present

Mellissa Ubbens – Co-Treasurer

Herb Ubbens – Co-Treasurer

– Jen Gubernath – VP of Communication-Present

– Sarah Hanawald- VP of Fundraising-Present

Leigh McKay- VP of Events & Programs & PTSO Representative to Student Council-Present

– Lucy McKay – Co-Student Council Representative-Present

– Anton Mathew – Co-Student Council Representative-Present

– Nan Danehower – Administration Rep

– Holly Bodner – Chair of Swag Committee-Present

Attendees Present
: Eric Grunden,Tiffany McCormack, Rebecca Longley, Kerstin Kaiser, Sandra Hankinson, Shrikumar, Danielle O’Neal, BMW, Jennifer Keus, Gigi Lowe


1. Call to Order-by Nocha at 6:35 pm

2. Quorum established with at least 10 PTSO members present

3. Board Introduction (see above)

4. Approve 9/1/20 PTSO meeting minutes (see below)-Nocha

5. Mr. Grunden presentation

a. Impressed with PTSO/admin relationship so far this year

b. PTSO mission is to provide a link between parents, school, admin

c. PTSO to provide “auxillary” functions and enhancements outside of what RTHS provides (i.e. grounds, lunches, grants for extra activities/support etc.)

d. Objective is to increase diversity, transparency, sustainability,

e. Admin priorities for PTSO

i. School budget was uncertain, but now is about the same as last year

ii. Help for food insecure families using free/reduced lunch data

iii. Enhanced outdoor space (new canopy, food/research garden, seating, classroom, etc.). Plan is designed and looking for help with project. May cost up to $200,000. Environmentally friendly plan.

6. PTSO plan review

a. Community-social pods, coffee chats, boxyard event, parent/family survey

b. Parent/family survey

c. Support of students with help from student council/student PTSO reps, spring, carnival, pre-grad activities,

d. Teacher support-staff appreciation,

7. Update on membership-tabled

8. Update on Boxyard-Sarah

a. Maybe something for spring. Pop up events, eclectic group of food vendors, maybe battle of bands

9. Update on social events-Leigh

a. Coffee chats

b. Social pods-maybe change the name to encourage more to come

i. Upcoming one this Saturday 11/14 at Eno River Park from 2-4 pm

ii. May have up to 50 participants

iii. All outside and wearing masks

iv. Not cancelled-just needed to update small group meeting policy at RTHS

v. Suggestion to change by grade level?

10. Update on Swag-Holly

a. Holiday sale opens tomorrow and will last through 11/25/20. Will be advertised through Parent Square.

b. Student design t-shirt, student design hoodie, beanie, RTHS claw hoodie, RTHS claw t-shirt

c. Committee help needed, email PTSO ( and/or Holly B. (

d. Ordered items available at the school office for pickup

e. Another sale in spring

11. Update on Building and Grounds-Nocha

a. Committee to be formed to have families help with improvement projects at RTHS

12. Present and vote on budget-Nocha-, motion made, seconded, motion passes with majority of affirmative votes
13. Recruitment of committee members

a. Email PTSO if interested in helping with any committee

i. Need VP of Buildings and Grounds

ii. Need help with Teacher/Staff Appreciation

14. Other business

a. Produce distribution question about how often it’s distributed (reach out to Kristen Cook and Jess Warren)

b. Question about what committees are in place and which need help

i. Email with questions/interest

ii. Maybe add committees to website

c. Suggestion from parent to list specific needs/tasks for committees

15.. Adjourn at 7:30 pm

16. Add chat dialogue from Zoom meeting?-Jen, can this be done?

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