OPEN PTSO Meeting, September 1, 2020 @ 6:30pm- 7:30pm

PTSO Board Members PRESENT:

– Nocha Van Thielen- President
– Suzanne Lewis, President-Elect
– Luana Deans – VP of Membership
– Mary Hilbert – Secretary
– Mellissa Ubbens – Co-Treasurer
– Herb Ubbens – Co-Treasurer
– Jen Gubernath – VP of Communication- ABSENT
– Sarah Hanawald- VP of Fundraising
– Julie Walker- VP of Events & Programs
– Lucy McKay – Co-Student Council Representative
– Sabrina Grewal – Co-Student Council Representative- ABSENT
– Nan Danehower – Administration Rep- ABSENT
– Holly Bodner – Chair of Swag Committee
– Leigh McKay- VP of Communication (intern) & PTSO Representative to Student Council


1. Introduce Board

a. Can each person give a 30 sec – who are you, kids, why you are in the board

2. President Address Focus for year

a. Mission

i. Function as partners with the RTHS administration and parents/student/families
ii. To make sure there are open lines of communication both ways

b. Objective:

i. Communication
ii. Transparency
iii. Sustainability

3. Plans for 2020-2021

a. How can you contribute and get involved

i. Luana – Membership-

– Helping support teachers/admin
– Asked for folks to join committees
– Asked for folks to bring issues/ideas to the board

ii. Julie – Events

– Coffee Meet-ups. Trying to do them virtual- going to continue to do these 1x/month
– Covid-friendly gatherings- possibly- in “pods”

iii. Sarah – Fundraising

– Duke Booth-Food Fundraising- not possible until football games open to public
– Lunch-online ordering
– We are going to look for corporate sponsors/funding
– Auction- once we are able to meet in person

4. Budget vote – Deferred to Nov, 2020
5. Discussion/questions

a. Request to get list of “needs” that the school has in order specifically ask companies of parents which may be able to assist.

6. Adjourn

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